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Hails to Paganfire! Tell us of your new full length, ‘Wreaking Fear and Death’! N: Greetings to you maniacs of Forbidden zine!! It is an honor to reply to this interview of yours!!!! So let’s begin, the full length is an 8 track/37 minute barrage of total thrashing metal madness from the pits of the [&hellip

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Mandarangan Recordings Feature

  Incapacitate March to the Death Kicking off this Mandarangan Recordings feature is Incapacitate with their heavy hitting cassette titled ‘March to the Death’. With a slow and bluesy introduction, this group of Philippines-born Chicago residents unleash a relentless barrage of blast beats, grind vocals and old school thrash attacks that lives up to the [&hellip

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Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. To start things off, how did Pathogen begin and what did you want to create with the band? In late 2000 I was pondering to form a death metal band to just maybe jam around, record a demo and then break up. At that point I [&hellip

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