Riding A Wind Of Knives Archive

Boddicker/Kata Sarka – split

Official OCP Public Relations Memo, RE: crime rate increase Greetings once again, people of Old Detroit! It’s your old pal, Dick, here! As we all know, a lot has changed since the old man and that asshole, Bob Morton, left us. I know for many of you it’s been hard to deal with such a [&hellip

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Kata Sarka/Nak’ay split

In the disgustingly unending quest for all-that-is-technologically-superior in life, today’s general human population tends to steer away from the cassette tapes when it comes to music. “Tapes are a dead format.”, they’ll say. Often, the suggestion of downloading can be heard muttered in conversation or read in an internet post by some oblivious kid who [&hellip

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Kata Sarka

Indianapolis, Indiana’s blackened crust killing machine, Kata Sarka, is most definitely not a beast that is to be taken lightly. Since their inception, the outfit has unleashed their wrathful demons by way of two EP’s that truly turn the experience of music into a visceral blood-letting ritual that is equal parts chaotic and intelligent. Forbidden [&hellip

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Kata Sarka – The Great Dereliction

Let’s get some numbers here. How many of us can honestly say that we’ve been hit by a speeding, smoking, growling Mack truck straight outta Hell and loaded with explosives (figuratively OR literally) not just once, but twice, and lived to tell the tale? Furthermore, if the slim chance should occur that someone on Earth [&hellip

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Kata Sarka – Riding A Wind Of Knives

When finding one’s self in the frost-bitten, cruel-as-all-hell grip of frozen torture that the Midwest becomes nearly every year around this time, it seems extremely easy to give in to the death tundra. Succumbing to the Indiana winter blues and/or suicidal depression might appeal to many, but I feel compelled to suggest another route when [&hellip

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