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When it comes to Sweden and Swedish sound, (if you allow me this boring cliché) it is impossible that the band Setherial doesn’t come to my mind. The massive sound’s production and the blast beats have always been two uppermost ingredients of their Black Metal formula. Deeply plunged in the scene since 1993, I noticed [&hellip

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Funereus – Profane Rite of Morbid Glorification

Originally from Mexico, Southern California’s Funereus are keeping the Black Metal Flame burning bright in the United States.  Their debut full length album, ‘Profane Rite of Morbid Glorification’ is a venom-drenched and disease-ridden ritual of pure hatred and black madness, cutting through the faith of all naysayers who dare to listen. I recently got a [&hellip

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Danzig – Deth Red Sabaoth

I didn’t get my hopes up for this album, Deth Red Sabaoth, which is the 9th full length from pioneer Glenn Danzig and Co.  I heard a few tracks online before I got the release and again, I didn’t get my hopes up.  After a few listens, however, I was hooked.  This is easily the [&hellip

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