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Woe – Withdrawal

Woe has given us a short but incredibly powerful discography with their three albums. Driven by emotion and laden with harmonies, Woe are often referred to as part of this rather peculiar movement called “post” black metal, which I do not really care for and don’t grasp by my own choice. Post as in the [&hellip

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Woe – Quietly, Undramatically

Gaining high acclaim since being released, this second album from Woe captures many essences long forgotten in the art of metal. Emotions swell to overflowing, production is tight but riffs still feel minimalist and mesmeric and each track feels like a dagger in the heart of the disenfranchised. With members of Krieg, The Green Evening Requiem [&hellip

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Krieg – The Isolationist

Every single Krieg release is an event. Since 1998’s utterly diabolical nihilistic masterpiece “Rise of the Imperial Hordes”, Krieg has mastered the art of intense rage and bleak emotions and transpired all boundaries of art. The outpourings of a single individual named Imperial, Krieg is his audial confluence of fits of alcoholism, loss of loved [&hellip

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